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Step 1: Connectivity Test

This step is to verify that you are able to successfully connect to the LXP. When you click as directed below, the file it will show in the browser.

NOTE: This environment is a browser-based system.  All course materials, files, activities and labs are housed on the environment and performed in the browser. Nothing will need to be downloaded onto your machine.  If you want to save or copy text from the browser, you can right click on your browser and then SAVE AS as needed to save the code or text elsewhere.

  1. Please click Download below to download the test text file (file_to_download_test).
  2. The file will open in on another page in your browser and read “Congrats! You can download files!”. This means this step has been completed successfully.
  3. Click your browser Back button on your browser to get back to the main Connectivity Test page.
  4. Continue to the next active test (Run Code, etc). listed. 

Any questions? If a test step fails, or if you need help or have questions about the test steps, please contact us at Info@learningvoyage.com for assistance.



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