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September 6, 2023


Unlimited Duration

Welcome to our two-day intensive course on Git, GitHub, and TortoiseGit. This course provides invaluable insight into efficient project management and collaboration through the GitHub platform, seamlessly integrated with the user-friendly TortoiseGit for Windows. Acquire practical skills alongside theoretical knowledge, gaining proficiency that will greatly benefit your daily work.

Gain a thorough understanding of Git, GitHub, and TortoiseGit fundamentals while learning to manage repositories, resolve conflicts, and navigate the TortoiseGit interface. These tools will help streamline your collaboration, simplify version control, and enhance code quality. Practice your skills in real-world scenarios, building confidence, increasing productivity, and reducing the risk of errors.

This course combines engaging instructor-led presentations and useful demonstrations with valuable hands-on labs and engaging group activities. Throughout the course you’ll learn:

  • Fundamental Git concepts, such as version control, repositories, commits, branches, and merging, enabling them to work effectively with Git and GitHub.
  • How to leverage the GitHub platform for project management, issue tracking, and collaboration, improving team communication and coordination.
  • How to use TortoiseGit, a user-friendly Git client for Windows, to perform Git operations and interact with GitHub repositories seamlessly.
  • How to manage branches and merge pull requests: Attendees will develop the skills to create, switch, and manage branches, as well as merge pull requests, ensuring smooth collaboration and minimizing conflicts in their codebase.
  • How to identify and resolve merge conflicts using TortoiseGit, enabling them to maintain a clean and consistent codebase throughout the development process.
  • Best practices for using Git, GitHub, and TortoiseGit, such as creating custom aliases and using Git reset, helping them to optimize their version control and collaboration workflows for increased productivity and efficiency.

    • Course Quick Tour: Welcome!! Unlimited
    • Course Outline / Agenda Unlimited
    • Course Quick Summary Guide Unlimited
    • Lab Environment Unlimited
    • Getting Started with Collaboration Unlimited
    • Activity: Getting Started with Git Unlimited
    • Activity: Getting Started with Collaboration Unlimited
    • Exploring GitHub Flow Unlimited
    • Activity: Understanding GitHub Unlimited
    • Branching with Git and Tortoise Git Unlimited
    • Local Git and Tortoise Configuration Unlimited
    • Working Locally with Git and TortoiseGit Unlimited
    • Activity: Working Locally and Branching with Git Unlimited
    • Collaborating on Your Code Unlimited
    • Merging Pull Requests Unlimited
    • Activity: Merging Pull Requests Unlimited
    • Viewing Local Project History with TortoiseGit Unlimited
    • Activity: Local Project History Unlimited
    • Streamlining Your Workflow with Aliases Unlimited
    • Workflow Review Project: GitHub Games Unlimited
    • Activity: GitHub Actions and Workflows Unlimited
    • Resolving Merge Conflicts with TortoiseGit Unlimited
    • Activity: Resolving Merge Conflicts Unlimited
    • Working with Multiple Conflicts Unlimited
    • Activity: Git Bisect Unlimited
    • Searching for Events in Your Code Unlimited
    • Reverting Commits with TortoiseGit Unlimited
    • Activity: Revert Commits Unlimited
    • Helpful Git Commands Unlimited
    • Activity: Create GIT Managed Folder with Tortoise Unlimited
    • Activity: Clone a GitHub Repo with TortoiseGit Unlimited
    • Activity: Check out a Working Tree with TortoiseGit Unlimited
    • Activity: Committing Your Changes To The Repository Unlimited
    • Activity: Get Status Information Unlimited
    • Activity: Pull and Fetch Changes Unlimited
    • Activity: Pushing Changes Unlimited
    • Activity: Syncing Changes Unlimited
    • Activity: Starting a Git Daemon Unlimited
    • Activity: Browse all Refs Unlimited
    • Acitvity: GitHub Organization Unlimited
    • Activity: GitHub Profile Unlimited
    • Viewing Local Changes with TortoiseGit Unlimited
    • Creating a New Local Repository Unlimited
    • Fixing Commit Mistakes with TortoiseGit Unlimited
    • Rewriting History with Git Reset and TortoiseGit Unlimited
    • Presentation Slides Unlimited
    • Quick Guide: Tips and Tricks Unlimited
    • Quick View: Key Terms Unlimited
    • Feedback: Mid-Course Check-in Unlimited
    • Feedback: End of Course Survey Unlimited
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