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April 21, 2023


Unlimited Duration

Master the implementation and configuration of Kafka, develop proficiency in using Kafka APIs, and create powerful streaming applications utilizing the Kafka Streams API. Throughout this quick start style course, you'll engage in hands-on labs, learning how to monitor and troubleshoot Kafka deployments, optimize performance, and apply industry best practices. By the end of this intensive training, you'll be equipped with the skills and expertise to tackle Kafka-based projects with confidence, propelling your career to new heights in the rapidly evolving world of data streaming.

Apache Kafka is a real-time data pipeline processor. Its high-scalability, fault tolerance, execution speed, and fluid integrations are some of the key hallmarks that make it an integral part of many Enterprise Data architectures.

Discover the future of data streaming with our hands-on, 2-day Apache Kafka training course designed specifically for experienced Java developers. Become an expert in harnessing the potential of fast data and streaming systems and learn how to navigate the complexities of modern streaming architectures. With practical labs and real-world examples, you'll be immersed in the cutting-edge world of Kafka and Java development.

Throughout the course you’ll explore the ins and outs of Apache Kafka and learn how it compares to other queue systems like JMS and MQ. You’ll learn about Kafka's unique architecture and understand how to effectively produce and consume messages with Kafka & Zookeeper. Through hands-on labs, you'll gain experience in scaling Kafka, navigating multiple data centers, and implementing disaster recovery solutions, while exploring essential Kafka utilities.

You’ll also learn the powerful Kafka APIs and become proficient in configuration parameters, Producer and Consumer APIs, as well as advanced features such as message compression and offset management. Gain hands-on with Kafka, including benchmarking Producer send modes, comparing compression schemes, and managing offsets. Experience real-world applications like Clickstream processing to solidify your expertise. Then you’ll round off your Kafka journey with an in-depth look at the Kafka Streams API, monitoring, and troubleshooting techniques. Learn how to optimize your Kafka deployment with best practices for hardware selection, cluster sizing, and Zookeeper settings.

By the end of this course you'll be equipped with the core skills required to tackle your next Kafka project with confidence.

NOTE: Experienced developers who want a deeper hands-on dive into Kafka might consider the Exploring Kafka (TTDS6764) four day course as an alternative.

      • Introduction to Streaming Systems Unlimited
      • The genesis of big data Unlimited
      • Important concepts from MapReduce Unlimited
      • Introducing stream processing Unlimited
      • Kafka Streams as a graph of processing nodes Unlimited
      • Module 1: Introduction to Streaming Systems Deck Unlimited
      • Introducing Kafka Unlimited
      • Kafka Overview Unlimited
      • What is Kafka Unlimited
      • Kafka Architecture Unlimited
      • Comparing Kafka with other queue systems (JMS / MQ) Unlimited
      • Kafka Topics Unlimited
      • Producing messages Unlimited
      • Consuming messages Unlimited
      • Using Kafka Single Node Unlimited
      • Kafka Cluster and Failover Unlimited
      • Kafka Ecosystem Unlimited
      • Module 2: Introducing Kafka Deck Unlimited
      • Module 2: Introducing Kafka Labs Unlimited
      • Using Kafka APIs Unlimited
      • Intro to Producers Unlimited
      • Advanced Producers Unlimited
      • About the App Unlimited
      • Producer Shutdown Unlimited
      • Kafka Low Level Design Unlimited
      • Log Compaction Unlimited
      • Introduction to Consumer Unlimited
      • Advanced Consumers Unlimited
      • Module 3: Using Kafka APIs Deck Unlimited
      • Lab: Writing a Kafka Producer in Java Unlimited
      • Lab: Writing a Kafka Consumer in Java Unlimited
      • Labs: Producers Unlimited
      • Labs: Consumers Unlimited
      • Kafka Streams API Unlimited
      • The Streams Processor API Unlimited
      • Hello World for Kafka Streams Unlimited
      • Streams concepts: KStream / Ktable Unlimited
      • The relationship between streams and tables Unlimited
      • Record updates and KTable configuration Unlimited
      • Aggregations and windowing operations Unlimited
      • Module 4: Kafka Streams API Deck Unlimited
      • Module 4: Kafka Streams API Labs Unlimited
      • Monitoring & Troubleshooting Kafka Unlimited
      • Monitoring tools overview Unlimited
      • Monitoring Kafka Unlimited
      • Identifying performance bottlenecks Unlimited
      • Troubleshooting common Kafka issues Unlimited
      • Module 5: Monitoring & Troubleshooting Kafka Deck Unlimited
      • Best practices for working with partitions Unlimited
      • Best practices for working with consumers Unlimited
      • Best practices for working with producers Unlimited
      • Best practices for working with brokers Unlimited
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