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Machine Learning Bootcamp

Immerse yourself in our cutting-edge Machine Learning Bootcamp, a comprehensive, hands-on program designed to transform beginners into skilled practitioners. Over eight weeks, you'll dive deep into the fundamentals of machine learning, master key algorithms, and gain practical experience through real-world projects. Learn from industry experts, collaborate with like-minded peers, and leverage our extensive resources to jumpstart your career in this rapidly evolving field. Unleash your potential and unlock new opportunities in data science, artificial intelligence, and beyond.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Overview (TTML5500)

The Exploring AI & Machine Learning for the Enterprise Overview is an introductory‐level, lecture, demonstration and group discussion style course that explores the foundations of AI and how AI can be practically exploited in the modern business sense. The goal of this course is to provide students with a baseline understanding of core concepts that can serve as a platform of knowledge to follow up with more in‐depth training and real‐world practice.

Introduction to Linux Systems Administration

Linux system administration is a process of setting up, configuring, and managing a computer system in a Linux environment. System administration involves creating a user account, taking reports, performing backup, updating configuration files, documentation, and performing recovery actions.

Implementing a CI/CD Pipeline (with GitLab, GitLab CI and Ansible) SkU/Code: TTDV7563

GitLab CI is a powerful tool that can be used for a number of things, including infrastructure as code and GitOps. GitLab is tool agnostic, but we use Ansible in this demonstration because it's a language commonly used by developers for infrastructure as code. This is a two-router demo from the Ansible networking class.

Data Analysis using Pandas (TTPS4878)

A core component of our Python Learning Journey series, the Hands-on Data Analysis with Pandas course explores the powerful pandas library, teaches you how to wrangle and clean data, and how to use visualizations to uncover hidden patterns. With a focus on machine learning, you'll master techniques such as regression, clustering, and classification, and leave the course with the skills to turn your data into valuable insights.

System Connectivity & Lab Access Test

Welcome! Learning Experience Platform (LXP) Connectivity Test

Skills Journey: Getting Started with Python

Dive into the exciting world of Python in our skills-immersive Python Programming Journey. The event combines engaging, expert-led live instructions, coaching and guidance with extensive hands-on practice, challenge labs, knowledge checks, practical case study exploration and more. Throughout the program you'll gain a solid foundation in writing and running Python scripts, and then learn how to apply those skills in a practical, job-ready way to leverage Python for web development, task automation, data science and analytics and much more. With ongoing support through online resources and live coaching access, you'll be able to apply your skills on the job with confidence.

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